We work to achieve
a great goal

In an increasingly fluid world where people are moving and will move ever faster, our goal is to make real estate transactions instantaneous, simple, and natural, just as buying any product on Amazon is today

Domus project explained simply

  • What is Domus?

    Domus is a cryptocurrency (technically a token) designed for the real estate sector. At full operation, it will allow users to buy or sell real estate in just 24 hours, thus freeing them from all the classic problems that those who want to buy or sell real estate face today

  • What guarantees does Domus offer today?

    Domus is the first cryptocurrency guaranteed by real estate assets, and therefore with a real and tangible value to support it (defined as assets). Domus always guarantees the repurchase of the currency at the issuance value, even in the event of project cancellation

  • How does the Domus project work?

    The Domus project consists of 3 parts:

    • a crypto currency
    • a real estate trading platform
    • a property management system

  • How does the sale work?

    Through our platform, it will be possible to sell or buy real estate. In the first phase, it will only be possible to list properties to activate the purchase by Domus. The valuation will be entrusted to an algorithm for the estimated appraisal. In a subsequent phase, it will also be possible to buy or exchange the properties

  • How can I know the value of the assets?

    Domus publishes a quarterly report that includes everyone asset values divided between real estate and cash availability. By dividing the value by the Domus in circulation we obtain the real value (Asset Value Price)

  • Where can I buy or sell Domus?

    At the moment it is possible to buy Domus exclusively on our site after registering.
    We plan to make Domus available on other platforms in the near future third parties such as Coinbase, Binance, etc. thus allowing free trade.

  • When will the Domus tokens be delivered?

    Domus tokens will be sent to digital wallets as soon as Domus is available in a centralized or decentralized platform. Before then, the Domus coin will only be exchangeable on our site.

  • What are the technical specifications?

    Domus is a token created on the ERC-20 network. The smart contract includes:

    • Max cap 5 billion Domus
    • Trading rate 0,5%
    • Tax rate 0,2%

  • Who manages Domus?

    Domus is managed by Domus coin Srl, an Italian company which will have the task of::

    • Adjust coin management;
    • Promote its use.
  • On which markets will you be active?

    We initially foresee the development in Italy. As the project grows in terms of volumes and scope, we will be present in other countries.

Domus impact in the real world


Real estate market

With a totally innovative buying and selling system, Domus will have a strong impact on the market real estate facilitating the transformation of properties into liquid assets. The purchase will also be facilitated for those who today collide with the difficulties of accessing the bank loan.


Green impact

Over 80% of Italian buildings are in energy class E or worse.
Over 2 million abandoned buildings in Italy. Domus undertakes to Renovate and Reuse the properties and where not possible to demolish and rebuild. An important step to safeguard the areas free from concrete.


Social impact

The difficulty of finding decent and affordable housing today is a big problem for many Italian cities.
At the same time, thousands of homes are vacant or uninhabitable. Domus aims at the recovery of the urban fabric through operations of restyling and urban redevelopment.

How Domus works?

Project operation

  • Stage 1

    Domus issue and subscription

  • Stage 2

    Launch of the real estate trading platform

  • Stage 3

    Enhancement of real estate assets

  • Stage 4

    Repurchase of the Domus in circulation

  • Stage 5

    Reboot system to stage 1